We asked you on Facebook what High Gas prices were doing to your way of life. The increased cost to fill up your tank has to come from somewhere. There were a ton of comments and here are some of the best answers or worst answers.

Ashley: Trips out of town.

Kara: Not eating out as much.

Katrina: Yep. Had to cut back on frequenting local business' for lunch or dinner can't afford to give others money that has to go in my gas tank!! It's really too bad to because I totally believe in supporting local business' in any way I can.

Alyce: Definitely...cut way back on spontaneous short trips to Tri-Cities or Ellensburg, or even across town, unless necessary. Also travel to Spokane and Vancouver. $40 round trip is do-able, $80 to $100, not so much...

Maybe we should find away as Americans to protest in a way that we actually have an impact on Gas Prices...or we could drill in Alaska? I'm not saying, I just saying.