Growing up we didn't have many Christmas traditions. When my parents were married to each other the one thing I remember was us going up sledding, drinking hot coco and cutting down our Christmas tree.

Once my parents divorced that tradition went away. And keep in mind they were married and divorced from each other twice.

So, when I knew that I was going to become a parent I wanted to implement a few holiday traditions that my kids would remember. And maybe, just maybe carry on to their kids.

We started the tradition of letting the kids pick out one special holiday ornament from Hallmark. When the hallmark in Yakima closed, we make the drive to Hallmark in Kennewick now. The goal of the ornament tradition was that once the kids are moved out and on their own that they will have a collection of ornaments for their first Christmas tree. Hopefully those ornaments bring back special memories.

I also started taking them to see Santa when they were babies, so each year I have their picture sitting on Santa's lap. Then, I started doing up the photo calendar, which I use the Santa photo as my December picture for the calendar every year. Now, that my two older boys are 19 and 20 they still go get their picture with their two other siblings who are 13 and 11 with Santa. I used to get flack from the older boys, but they don't seem to mind anymore. I think they secretly like the tradition. I've even told them that once all four of them are older and out on their own they will still need to get together for my Santa photo. Surprisingly they agreed.

To me, these are the best holiday traditions because they will be lasting memories that my kids will have of Christmas with their family whether they liked the tradition or not!!

What is your best Christmas tradition?

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