Adulting can be difficult, stressful and unmanageable for some millennials, but now there are classes being offered at the North Bend Public Library in Oregon called basic how-to's for ages 16-25.

The classes are called adulting 101 and teach a wide range of adulting skills --

cooking, balancing a checkbook, setting a budget, building credit, writing a resume, how to interview for a job, how to find real news on the internet, how to live with a roommate, how to find an apartment, how to change your oil, how to check a breaker box and how to clean an oven are a few of the things millenials can learn.

As a parent of two teen boys ages 18 and 19 living in the world on their own I'm looking over the list for the adulting 101 class thinking shouldn't this be stuff that as parents we teach our kids or at least a few of the things on the list?

It's difficult as a mom because you want to take care of them, but at some point you have to teach them to be able to stand on their own in the world.

What is missing from the adulting 101 class? What could be added that should be taught to everyone?

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