Aaahhh proposals, other than a wedding day it's the second most thought about day for most girls. We know what we DON'T want, we definitely know what we would prefer, and we know the time frame as to when we think it should happen. So what happens when the question doesn't get asked in what we consider a timely manner? We take it upon ourselves to take the guessing work out of it.

According to a new survey, 49% of women will drop hints when she is ready to be asked for her hand in marriage. That's almost half of the women who want what they want when they want it! Now, there is no shame in that game-- I know a lot of men who wouldn't get hints if they tripped on them.

What are somethings women have done to drop hints you ask?

  • She purposely watches more shows about engagements and weddings.
    • I personally would like to add, that if I had done this I would have also cried a lot to add to the effect.
  • She talks non stop about how everyone is getting engaged (although she might act annoyed about this, she isn't- it's a trap)
  • She is buying wedding magazines and leaving them around the house for you to see.
  • When you guys are at the store she stops at the jewelry window and gazes at what isn't on her hand.

I got lucky, with Jordan I didn't have to drop any hints (not like he would get them anyways). See when you are a single mom dating in your late 20's when you date it isn't for fun, Jordan knew from the getgo that with me it was an all-in type of situation. So once we got past the initial puppy love phase we started talking about our future, with kids it was not a situation I wanted to put them in if there wasn't anything there to be found. Thankfully he felt the same way and so the question was asked.

But, I do know many girls who have had to drop hints like it was raining cats and dogs. Guys, if you would pay more attention to the little things we wouldn't have to leave magazine ads all over the house-- strategically opened to the jewelry section!

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