We are only 10% of the population, so we need to stick together, cause, we use the RIGHT side of our brain. We are lefties.

No, not the political party. I am talking about the dexterity of left-handed folk on World Left Handers Day.

What’s it like being a lefty in a right handed world? Let me tell you, the struggle is real. Since we are all about understanding each other these days,allow me give you a glimpse of a Left Handers World from a semi-left handed person's persective.

Ok, that last sentence bears some explanation. I am one of those rare partial-lefties. Meaning, I write left, kick left, eat left, and do everything else right handed. So, what does that look like in daily life?

Well, first off, eating dinner is something that can be an issue. Since I eat left, I have to dine at the end of the table as to figuratively NOT bump elbows with my fellow diners. So if it’s a situation where a round table is involved, there is a greater chance of rubbin’, so at times, I am forced to tuck in my left arm in when dining. Not the end of the world, but a small pain none-the-less.


How about writing? Oh yeah, you RIGHTIES got it good here. Have you ever tried writing in a spiral bound notebook? It’s all about hand acrobatics. It’s impossible. How about using a clipboard? Nope. Gotta turn that sucker sideways to have something to write on.

left ink

Then there’s lefties using an ink pen. Tell me righties, when was the last time you HAD to wash your hands after using a pen? Really, never you say? For us lefties, it’s on the reg. Why? Because when left-handers use an ink pen, your left hand is resting on freshly laid ink, which smears, all over the side of your left hand and on the page.

Oakland Raiders v Tennessee Titans

Being a left-legged kicker in school was an advantage. When I kicked a ball, most didn’t know I am a left-legged kicker, so when I launched a ball in the air, it went to right field, a position usually saved for the weaker players. Advantage, Jim.

I gotta admit, I kind of enjoy being a lefty in a righty world – it goes well with my contrarian lifestyle.

Super Bowl LIII - Los Angeles Rams Practice

To my fellow lefties, I salute you – with my left hand, cause doing it with my right hand, would be weird.

All My Best Lefties,

The JimShow

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