Congrats to Annet of Yakima! She just guessed The Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound and took home $500 in CASH!! Anette called this morning confident in her guess in part due to our bonus clues. She guessed "disinfectant wipes", and was correct!

She said she knew the answer when we released CLUE #3: 92.9 + 7 last week.

Annet did the cryptic math and came up with 99.9 - as in disinfectant wipes are 99.9% effective against germs. After that, it was just a matter of getting through to be caller #9 to guess!

Now Anett is $500 richer! Thanks to Cashmere Valley Bank! Tomorrow morning we do it all over again! A brand new Secret Sound @ 8:10 tomorrow morning!

Set your device alarms to join us! We begin with $25 in the jackpot and add $25 for each incorrect guess!

Remember, every guess is a clue for you! To recap, here are the bonus clues we posted!

CLUE #1: Scarcity Breeds Popularity

CLUE #2: Now More Than Ever (say out loud in movie trailer voice)

CLUE #3: 92.9 + 7

CLUE #4: At Home or At Work

CLUE #5: In Demand


Incorrect Guesses:

07/02/20 - "Liquid Sanitizer Dispenser"

07/01/20 - "Bathroom in a Camper"

06/30/20 - "Dental Floss" 06/29/20 - "Pulling a Tissue & Blowing Nose"

06/26/20 - "Pencil Sharpener"

06/25/20 - "Currency Counter" 06/24/20 - "Old Style Cassette Deck"

06/23/20 - "Rotary Telephone Dialing" 06/22/20 - "Ice Dispenser"

06/19/20 - "Adding Machine"

06/18/20 - "Polaroid Camera"

06/17/20 - "Opening a canister of Pringles"

06/16/20 - "Pepper Mill/Grinder"

06/15/20 - "Coffee Grinder"

06/12/20 - "Food Processor"

06/11/20 - "Duct Tape Noise"

06/10/20 - "Pencil Sharpener"

06/09/20 - "Opening the Lip and Sucking Foam off of a Mocha/Hot Chocolate"

06/08/20 - "Velcro"

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