Some of us have certain rules in life, and some of us have "don't" rules.

What's a "don't" rule, you ask?

Here's an example of a few of mine:

  • Don't dance on a tabletop after four shots of tequila. (It ends badly.)
  • Don't send back food at a restaurant, even if it's wrong. (I was a waitress and witnessed some crazy stuff in the kitchen.)

I wanted to know what my co-workers' "don't" rules were. Here's a few "don't" rules that you might want to start implementing in your life.

John Riggs from 107.3 KFFM

  • Don't friend-request your boss on social media.

Reesha on the radio from 107.3 KFFM

  • Don't trust the B in Apt. 23!!
  • Don't (ever) allow a judge to make you give up your custodial parental rights to claim your child on your income taxes!
no sign

Char Stading, sales associate

  • Don’t Jump to conclusions after that first date!

Nikki Cook, sales assistant

  • Don't be rude to your waiter/waitress.
  • Don't have more than three drinks at a work function (even three is pushing it). Any more than that and truth-bombs start droppin'.
  • Don't let your kids run wild in stores/restaurants.

Kari Gravrock, digital sales associate

  • Don't eat yellow snow.

Kelly “Wild Wild” West

  • Don't date bull riders, band members, lawyers, psycho bikers or DJs.

 John Taylor, digital managing editor

  • Don't ask anyone to do anything you wouldn't do. (Unless it's something involving septic tanks.)
  • Don't gloat. (You'll end eating your words with a plastic fork later.)

Rik Mikals from 92.9 The Bull

  • Don't lie.


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