There's a website called that recently asked experts on taste, senses and psychology for their nominees for the WORST tasting things you could eat.  They nominated things like sheep brains, fermented walrus fat and black licorice.  I've NEVER tried nor will I ever try sheep brains or fermented walrus fat... BUT, of the things that I've tried in my 36 years on this earth, what is the worst tasting thing I tried?

I'm not an adventurous guy when it comes to food.  I'll never try sushi.  I hate the thought of trying an ostrich egg or any egg that isn't from a Chicken.  I just won't try it.  One thing I did try this last year were those Grasshoppers that they served at Safeco Field during Mariners games.  They were disgusting!  So that'd have to be my 'worst tasting thing' I've tried.

Michele said she tried a Duck Egg Creme Brulee in Vegas once... and it was horrible.

What have YOU tried that was so disgusting that you'll never try again?

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