Tim McGraw's new album is titled "Damn Country Music," and when I was working Saturday I mentioned the album title on air.

Well, not even 30 seconds after I said "Damn Country Music" my cellphone lit up ... with ... can you guess?

My mom! She heard me say "Damn Country Music" and was not happy that I had said a cuss word on the radio.

Here's how the conversation went:

My Mom: Did I just hear you say a bad word on the radio?
Me: Yes ... it's the title of the album.
My Mom: Isn't it against the FCC rules to cuss on the radio?
Me: Some words .. yes.
My Mom: Don't you think you can say another word and still get your point across without cussing?
Me: Um ... no. It's the actual title of the album. What am I supposed to say? Darn Country music?
My Mom: I don't know, but you're a smart, talented girl who doesn't need to cuss to get her point across.

At this point I knew I wasn't going to win this argument, so I subtly changed the subject.

What do you do as an adult that still gets you in trouble with your parents?

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