Let’s be real – we have it not just good, we have it GREAT in our country. It’s always a good reminder that the poorest in America are still better off than most countries in the world. There’s comfort in knowing this. We really do have it good. We forget that. It's a good reminder. With that said, what could be better than living in America?

Kitty 1

I submit to you - the idea of reincarnating or about coming back, as a cat - in America. More importantly, coming back as Kitty.

Now, this post isn't about a cat. This is about how good Kitty (who happens to be a cat) has it.

We got her in January from the SPCA in California. She was a year-old. We don’t know much about her prior. Given her sometimes skittish behavior, we can only guess. Also, how bad can it be if your, homeless in Monterey California?

Kitty 2

I can tell you that as of today, Kitty leads a pretty Cush life. Her prime directive? Eat, sleep, poop, chase bugs, play with bread ties for hours at a time, be cute for a second - repeat.

I mean, it’s gotta be nice. Alway lounging about. It's like a permanent vacation. She loves the back of our couch. She also loves to sit in the window. Her favorite thing is bird watching. Or in her case, bird stalking (cause she is an inside cat).

Kitty 3

I mentioned how good Kitty has it to a friend of mine recently. He responded, “Yeah, well, she’s not sitting on her duff playing music all day is she?” I said “Yeah, but she also doesn’t get up at 3am every morning.”

kitty kitty
Kitty 5

She has it good. She is loved. Being Kitty is a great gig. I wouldn’t mind it. I wonder what she thinks about getting up at 3 in the morning?

All My Best,

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