From single parents to working parents, whether you have kids in sports, dance, theater, or even a math club, life gets crazy-busy. And it seems like if you aren't organized you are going to sink pretty quickly.

For me personally, working in radio keeps me very busy and always on my toes. And with my fiance, Jordan, owning his own company, life is well, crazy. So being organized is a must in our home, or we would have no clue where anyone is going or what was happening during the week.

We currently have two calendars in our house -- one for events and appointments and another for meal-planning so Jordan knows what's for dinner. But that's not the only calendar I use -- in fact, I have a whole other planner that I keep on me at ALL times. It comes in the car with me, in the house, to work and into the store. I HAVE to have it. The other thing I use daily is a notebook (I have three of them). I have to write stuff down or I will forget. It could be just a quick note that I need to remember or something I need to do. It is my safety net to not get off track with my day, and you know what? That's OK!

How do you stay organized at home and at work? How do you keep the chaos of life at bay?

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