We say it all the time -- in the car, at work, at home -- when our families are driving us nuts. It's a four-word phrase that could save us from all the stress if we would just do it: "I need a vacation."

We are under so much stress in our daily lives that we say the phrase "I need a vacation" three times a week! From things as small as having a little cold or enduring bad weather, all the way up to having relationship problems and fighting with friends or family make us say we need a vacation.

I know I could use a vacation right about now. Somewhere south and warm, by the ocean. If I could go anywhere on vacation right now I would be on the first plane to the Bahamas, soaking in every piece of sunlight the sun could give me. Accompanied by my toes in the sand and a nice cold cocktail in my hand, complete with a cute umbrella in it!

Where would you go today if you could just jump on a plane and go?

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