A mom has recently gone viral on her blog and started a # trend called #onthewayfriend. Basically it's a shout-out to the ride-or-die friends -- the friends you can call on 110% and they will drop what they are doing and get to you.

Because let's be honest: Life can get hard and we can get down, and your I'm-on-my-way friend knows when you are having a hard time. They can tell when you need some support.

I have been blessed to have a best friend who is literally the reason I am here today. She dropped everything to ensure that my son Easton and I made it back safe to Yakima. She bought our plane ticket and then she drove over three hours to pick up us up from the airport and drive us home. She came with a car seat and blankets in tow for Easton so he could sleep. Even living an hour away, Courtney is one of my biggest supporters, and she always makes sure to make it to every important moment in my kids' lives and mine. She is a true definition of a #Onthewayfriend.

Then there is the group of people who I met just a year and a half ago ... my life group from church. Although I do not make it to church like I used to and I do not always get to go to my life group gatherings, this group of women is there for me no matter what time of day. They have truly seen me through some of my worst times, and they have picked me up and prayed for me and over my family when we needed it most.

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I truly do no know where I would be without my #onthewayfriends -- who are yours?

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