Remember when we it seemed like everyone was ordering food a couple months back? The waits were long and the demand was high. Uber Eats, Door Dash and the like were hustling and bustling (cause you can’t say hustling without saying bustling). It was as if, no one was cooking. Well, it turns out, we were right.


With all the increased time at home, cooking during COVID-19 has left us feeling cook fatigued. Those who did cook, found that stores lacked the fresh ingredients to properly cook. So, we took the path of least resistance. We ordered delivery.

Pre-made meals also have grown. More folks are having food shipped to their home in an effort to at least make the effort of making a semi-home cooked meal. I have yet to try it, mostly because I like cooking. As we head back to the office, time will be the reason why most order food instead of cooking from scratch.

Avoid processed foods

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Making three meals a day is A TON of work. I respect anyone mom or dad who takes care of this. From planning meals to putting it away is a lot work.

This doesn’t even include cleanup afterwards. Yeah, we got First World problems here in ‘Murica, don’t we? In the meantime kids are starving somewhere in the world, while we “frustratingly” can’t decide where to order from. We have it so good here in America.

Townsquare Media/ Cheyenne

Townsquare Media/ Cheyenne

I think about this when preparing dinner, ordered or not. I find myself very thankful for all the choices I have. The very fact that I can afford to order dinner is a gift in itself. The thought is not lost on me.

It's a good reminder - next time you order food, remember to be thankful!

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