With a new Hell's Kitchen Winner being crowned last night (Ja'Nell Witt), I thought I'd do some searching around on the internet for info on past Hell's Kitchen Winners, and where they are now.  Are they still working in the position they were awarded?  Were they even awarded the prize promised?  I did find some interesting info at omg-facts.com

There have been 9 seasons of Hell’s Kitchen on air. The show is pretty intense and the chefs are treated pretty crappy. A rundown of eight of the previous winners makes it seem as though the hell isn’t worth it. Season one’s winner, Michael Wray, was given the choice of opening a restaurant or learning under Chef Ramsay in London. In the end he became the Executive Head Chef of The Standard restaurant in Los Angeles.

Heather West was the season two winner and instead of getting Executive Chef at an Italian restaurant in Los Vegas, she was given the title Senior Chef. Rahman Harper, season three winner, fulfilled his contract as chef of a restaurant in Henderson, and then left. The season four winner was given a demoted position from what the prize originally was and left.

The season 5 winner, Danny Veltri, was supposed to be a head chef at a casino in Atlantic City, but instead was given a job as a sous chef and ended up quitting. Season six winner was treated as a line cook instead of a head chef, like his prize stated, and left.

Holli Ugalde’s prize in season seven was to be the head chef of a restaurant in London, but was unable to get her visa for the UK and was given a cash prize instead. Season eight’s winner got a demoted position for her prize, too. It doesn’t seem the work is worth it when most of the chef’s were given demoted positions.

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