My older son, Mathew is a Freshman at Naches Valley High School and is part of the Leadership Club. The Mayor of Yakima, Micah Cawley or Mayor Cefus was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to talk to the Leadership Club at Naches High School.

I tagged along to hear his speech, since I see him in a different environment at the radio station. I get to see the fun, goofy and entertaining Mayor Cefus. So, I was very curious to see him speak to the Leadership Club. I have to say that Micah did an excellent job inspiring the kids!! He talked about his job as Mayor, how he lost his first election, and told the kids that no matter what they did to do the BEST at it. That the decisions they make now do affect their lives in the future.

Thank you again, Mayor Micah Cawley!