I'll never forget the day Gentry introduced herself to me on Facebook. She said she was a fan of the show and listens every day, which in a way made her feel like we were friends (which by the way, I took as a huge compliment). She went on to tell me a little about herself. She is a mom and a recovering alcoholic -- and she just celebrated 18 months sober, which is a huge milestone! She shared with me that she decided to take her struggles and put them out to the world so others who were recovering would know they aren't alone.

That led me to Gentry's Facebook page Life With Gentry, she has found her peace in the same way I did -- with exercise. The difference? Well, Gentry isn't afraid to show people her life. So she posts great workout videos to help inspire others to push forward. I, on the other hand, HATE working out in front of people. So much so I will wear a hood at the gym so people do not see me.

But on Halloween, Gentry did something that even days later is still making me laugh. She did a Wednesday workout in costume -- as a T-rex!. It's seriously hilarious to watch her do her workout in this inflatable costume. At one point she "springs a leak" and melts to the ground!

She is an amazing example of what recovery could look like and she is striving every day to be the best example for her kids that she can be.

Keep it up, girl!

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