A new study was just released that ranks the 1,000 biggest cities in the U.S. from most miserable to least miserable based on employment, health care, income, commute time and more.

The No. 1 most miserable is Gary, Ind.

Yakima comes in at No. 256. The study shows our population as 93,884. The population increase from 2010-18 was only 2.90%. Median household income $42.092. An unhealthy 18.80% of Yakima residents are without health insurance, and the average commute time is 17 minutes.

Only one other Washington city is ahead of us: Lakewood is rated No. 177. Check out the full spreadsheet here.

But living in Yakima isn't as miserable as the study says, right? What is something you LOVE about living in Yakima? I love the amount of sunshine we have, the short commute times and the proximity to some pretty incredible outdoor activities.

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