As a former alumni of the choir program at Yakima Valley College, I have it on full personal authority that the YVC choir could quite possibly be the best in the entire nation. Recently they joined in unison to perform their version of the classic We Are the World.

They add a little personal flair to make it more relatable to what's going on as we practice self-isolation. There are even some hidden surprises that I won't spoil. Steven Slusher and Laruel Kaschmitter did a great job with this one.

This amazing collaboration isn't just the YVC choir but also includes local high schools including IKE, Toppenish, Highland, Ellensburg, West Valley, Cle Elum, Wapato and Naches. Watch it now and tell us who you recognize in this performance. You never know, you could be living next to or working along side someone with a phenomenal talent for singing.

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