As a mother of 4 very active kids, I always put myself last because that's just what we do as moms. I used to be skinny and not worry about my weight or what I ate, but as I got older that has changed. After having Jackson and Shaylee the baby weight didn't melt off like it did with my first two kids. Plus, my eating habits aren't that great.

I decided it was time to get healthy! That meant putting myself first, which if you think about it, you should be healthy for your kids. That increases the chances of being around longer for them!

I have to admit it was a little scary! Ok ... who am I kidding! A lot scary!

Once I stepped into the Yakima Athletic Club my fears began to disappear. I was given the grand tour after getting all signed up.

Then, I was handed over to Tanner the Fitness Director at YAC who is my personal trainer. He weighed and took my body fat measurements. He showed me how to log in my food and how many calories I could eat in a day. Oh ... and I had to agree to no alcohol .

I was a little scared of my first workout, since I am totally out of shape! It really wasn't to bad and with Tanner being encouraging and supportive that made it seem easier than it really was. Yes ... I was extremely sore the next day. With each workout Tanner changes it up and makes it more difficult. I don't think I've cursed at him ... yet.

It's been less then a month since I started working out and watching what I eat. The first week I lost 5 pounds. The second week I gained half a pound and this last week I gained 2 pounds, but my body fat percentage was down.

Gaining weight had me a little upset, but I have great friends who talked me off the cliff and Tanner helps keep me motivated.

I'll keep you updated on my journey and progress.