Today is national sub sandwich day, what better way to celebrate than with a delicious sub sure to hit the spot? We collected the five best sub sandwich places in the Yakima valley based on real reviews.

If you think we may have missed your favorite sandwich shop make sure to reach out and send us a message on the app, we'll get back to you and update this list. Now let's get into it.

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5.) Bruchi's

This place was pretty new to me since we moved from the west side of Washington and never heard of it. To our surprise they make some serious gourmet sandwiches, turkey, roast beef, clubs, even Philly cheese steaks. Honestly if you can think up a sandwich they'll probably have it. Not to mention you can skip the potato chips and go straight to the crinkle cut fries!

4.) Quiznos

This one gets a mention because it's rare you find these places anymore. Almost extinct on the west side of Washington, Eastern Washington is lucky enough to have a few of them. Toasted subs that are perfect for on the go or to eat at the dinner table, you just can't go wrong.

3.) Taste & See deli

This cute little shop is off of 11th ave and spruce st, what seems to be a little hole in the wall sub shop is actually some of the most delectable subs you can get here in the valley, with everything made fresh you just can't beat the tasty food these guys are creating. These are some real sandwich artists.

2.) SportsCenter

This place always amazes me with what they can do, burgers, steaks, drinks and now sub sandwiches? You can't go wrong at Sportscenter, no matter what you're craving a good chance they make it here. They're also known for their sub sandwiches with everything tasting fresh and delicious you'll be more than satisfied after picking up your sub sandwich from here.

1.) The Sub Shop of Yakima

A lot of people told us to check this place out and that it deserved a top tier treatment on our list, so here we are, the Sub shop of Yakima was opened in the 90's and have been providing some of the best subs in the Valley for over 30 years, off of 2nd ave this is a local favorite and after trying it I can see why.

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