The rain and gloomy clouds tend to get you feeling a little down, but why not find a way to feel alive on a rainy day. Here are the top 5 romantic things to do on a rainy day.

1) Stay in bed all day watching movies, crack the window to smell and hear that fresh rain come down. Cuddle your sweetie like there's no tomorrow!
2) Take her outside without an umbrella and give her the most passionate kiss ever!
3) Blast 92.9 The Bull and dance in the rain to the best music in the world!
4) Prepare a warm foot bath for your wife and tell her to enjoy a glass of wine while you prepare a romantic dinner!
5) Light a few candles in the bedroom and turn on some relaxing music and give her a full body massage until she falls asleep

Just a few ideas to take a rainy day and turn it into a romantic memory that she'll never forget! What other romantic things do you do on a rainy day!

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