Adam Sandler is a prime example of why you should never give up just because one person told you to.

While Adam was attending NYU he was taking an acting class. A teacher took him out for a beer and told him that he just didn't have what it takes to make it in the big leagues, and that he should really consider going down a different path.

Luckily for all of us Adam Sandler fans, he didn't let one naysayer get him down. He pushed through and turned into the great actor and comedian we all know and love! A few years later, after he had made it big, he was out and about with some friends and they ran into that teacher! He was a big enough man to not rub it in his face. In fact, he introduced the teacher to his friends as the "only teacher to buy me a beer."

If you ask me, I think that was money well spent. If Adam Sandler's teacher hadn't have bought him that beer, there is no telling what would have pushed him and drove him to be the best!

So the moral is, if you have a dream and want to reach your dreams, don't let one person's opinion stop you from reaching!

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