As a parent, it can be really hard to find time for yourself -- especially if you are a parent in a split home. Why is it more difficult? Well, it starts with the fact that you don't have your kids every day, and when you do have them it feels selfish to take time out of the day for you ... you feel like people are going to judge you for taking care of yourself. Which, as a statement itself, seems pretty weird, right?

Sadly, that is the life of a lot of parents. I have been a mom my entire adult life, and sadly I was a single mom for the better part of those times ... I had little money and what little money I did have went straight to bills and my kids. It wasn't until after I moved home from California that I started attempting to better myself -- I hit the gym, hard. I was at the gym every single morning at 2:30 and I would just crush it. At the same time, I was working at a job I hated, so I decided to separate myself from said job and started over. It was then that I found myself working nights at Planet Fitness. Still with me? Good, just hang on. The back story is important!

While I was working nights, I gave up working out because 1.) I couldn't afford my fancy gym anymore and 2.) I truly and honestly felt like people were going to judge me for going to the gym and not spending time with my kids. Yes, even that 45 minutes of time. I was petrified by the fact that someone might see me without my kids and report me.

This brings me to the present day. Now, 30 pounds heavier, I am here to tell you it is OK to give yourself some "me" time. Lately, I have been taking a bath every single night. Just some relaxing bath salts to help me fall asleep, and oh boy, does it help! I am so tired by the time my head hits the pillow I don't even bother picking up my phone to scroll social media. But it's not just the bath. I am not taking 3 minutes out of my day to put on a nice-smelling lotion. I floss multiple times a day, and I have really noticed that I am all around ... just happier! This has brought me back to feeling motivated to work out, and I am actually more present with my kids now than I was before. It really is a great feeling to know that what you are doing to preserve yourself and your sanity is working!

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