If the question is, right now would you go to jail for 2 months, so that your kids could get into any school they wanted to - would you do it?

Let’s set this up for proper context.

Now to be clear, Lori Loughlin didn’t get away with it, but it brings up an interesting scenario.

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There'sYesterday, Aunt Becky started her 2-month stint of “hard time” @ Club Fed near San Francisco. While it may not be The Four Seasons, California's FCI Dublin. But for being incarcerated, it’s not that bad. a very strict schedule for wake-up time @ 5 AM, quiet hours (@ 9 PM to 5 AM), and inmates must be in their cells for daily counts at 4:30 AM and 9 PM.

Lori has to make her bed every day and can be disciplined if she doesn't keep her cell tidy, if she sleeps in late or misses meal time. She'll be in government attire only, a no personal clothing policy. Yep, Orange is her new color – like it or not.

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Aunt Becky will also have to work a job while incarcerated. We don’t which yet, but the stellar options include clerical, cooking, baking, food prep, dishwashing or janitorial. Aunt Becky cleaning toilets? That picture is truly worth a thousand words.

The upside? Lori can listen to music on an approved radio. There's also a TV, but it’s a lot like your Dad’s TV - nobody's allowed to change the channel. And know someone will put in on “Full House” on the reg.

The real “perks”? Hobby craft classes, wellness classes, exercise time and sports. Aunt Becky can get involved in basketball, volleyball, track, softball, and tennis. If she wants to flex those future “Bingo wings”, she can partake in bingo or a ping pong tourney.

Prize bags, treats and certificates are even awarded for participation in health education.

So, now that we laid out the scenario, would you go there for two months, to get your kid into a $75,000 a year school? 


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