We have a brand new Secret Sound.

Are you up for it? Play along in your car, at home, or at work! Since we know you are busy, we make it easy for you to play along on the go with Bull App! The preferred way to play The Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound.


It's super simple! Just listen for the Secret Sound. When you hear it, be caller number 9 @ 972-9290 (you might want to put that number in your device to keep it handy) and prepare to guess!

Every INCORRECT guess adds $25 to the jackpot. The Jackpot grows over time and this one will soon become a BEAST! We go until someone guesses and takes home the cash! Once we hit $400, we will give out bonus clues! Remember, EVERY GUESS IS A CLUE FOR YOU!


Here Is The Cashmere Valley Bank Secret Sound!

For every incorrect guess, we add $25 to the jackpot. Current Jackpot Total: $225


12.14. 'Tap Shoes'

12.15. 'A Nutcracker'

12.16. 'Hand Garlic Press'

12.17. 'Water Pouring Into A Cup'

12.18. 'Tape Dispenser'

12.21. 'Trouble Popper' (from the game)

12.22. 'Air Nail Gun'

12.23. 'Hitting The Top of Hand Sanitizer Container'



Most recent WINNER! Wanda Jones of Yakima guessed TURKEY BASTER! Congrats Wanda!

She WON $625!!!


11.05. "A Whoopee Cushion"

11.06  "A Tukey Call"

11.09  "finger rubbing on glass or window"

11.10  'Old fashioned toy that squeaks when you shake it"

11.11. 'Someone bouncing on a chair'

11.12. 'shaking a groan tube noise stick'

11.13. 'plastic chicken being shaken'

11.16. 'Squeaky Dog Toy'

11.17. 'Spinning A Record' (like a DJ)

11.18. 'Martini Shaker'

11.19. 'Jibber Jabber Toy'

11.20. 'Person Talking Sped Up'

11.23. 'Chalking a Pool Cue'

11.24. 'Shaker Weight"

11.25. 'A Live Turkey'

11.30. 'Turkey Call'

12.1. 'A Turkey Gobble'

12.2. 'Pulling a Plastic Straw in and out of a Lid'

12.3. 'A Groan Hammer being shaken'

12.4. 'A Parrot'

12.7. 'Wiping The Bugs Off Of The Front Of Your Vehicle'

12.8. 'A Coat Zipper Going Up & Down'

12.9. 'Shaker Bottle with Whisk Ball'

12.10. 'Old Clapper Hand Toy'


What will tomorrow's guess be? Find out weekday mornings @ 8:30!

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