Sometimes, a guy just can't win.

And this week's Couples Court plaintiff could be that guy. He's caught between a pretty boss who holds the keys to his career and a jealous girlfriend. What should he do?

Dear Rik and Michele:

My boss wants me to accompany her to a convention in Las Vegas. I am very excited because we will be staying at a nice hotel and have some time to PLAY.

My girlfriend says if I go, she won't be at my house when I return. She says it's obvious my boss will try something on me. My girlfriend is jealous because my boss is young, super-attractive and successful while she's still in college. Obviously, we'll have separate rooms.

I have been with my girlfriend since I was 18 and don't want to split up. I also want to further my career. How can I make this work? If it comes down to it .. job or girlfriend?

What do you think, Bull Pen jurors? Is his girlfriend overreacting, or is this guy blindly walking into a trap? It'll all come out in court Thursday morning ...