Parents don't always agree when it comes to sensitive child-rearing questions. And if the parents are separated, those questions become even more prickly.

That brings us to this week's sensitive Couples Court case ...

Dear Morning Bull Pen:

My ex-wife and I are fighting over our 9-year-old daughter.

My ex has given our daughter permission to get her belly button pierced. I think my daughter is too young for the piercing.

My ex got our daughter's ears pierced when she was just several months old. She says the belly piercing is unique and will make her stand out among her friends.

I think it will bring unwanted attention and looks trashy. Is 9-years-old too young for a belly button ring?


OK, Bull Pen jurors: Is there an age limit on piercings? And if the parents have split up, who should get the final say?

How should Judge Michele rule?

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