If you put in long hours with your coworkers every day, you can end up feeling almost as close to them as your family. After all, you're probably spending more time with them than your kids, your siblings, your parents ... or even your spouse.

Some people have even taken to using the phrase "work spouse" when they're referring to someone with whom they work especially closely.

Maybe even a little TOO closely. Which is the issue in this week's Couples Court case ... Dear Morning Bull Pen:

I am upset with my husband because of how close he has become with his "work spouse."

The two are inseparable at work and often text and call one another at all hours of the night. They gossip, tell jokes and now have begun to secretly confide in one another. I would be lying if I told you I wasn't jealous.

When I confronted my husband he admitted that he has begun to confide in his work spouse. He says if she was a man it wouldn't be an issue. I told him that having an emotional relationship with his work spouse is like cheating. He disagrees.

Who's right, me or him?


Well, Bull Pen jurors? Who's it going to be? Looks like it's time to turn this one over to Judge Michele ...


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