Infidelity is one of the most painful things a couple can experience.

When the one who's vowed to forsake all others steps out and betrays you, it can be devastating. The cheater might feel defensiveness and anger as he tries to justify his actions to his spouse (and perhaps himself), while the betrayed spouse is likely to feel anger, agony ... maybe even self-doubt.

That seems to be the case in today's Couples Court question. 

Dear Rik and Michele:
My husband cheated on me. We are now in marriage counseling. He told our counselor that I am the reason he cheated. He said if I was more adventurous in bed he wouldn't have strayed.
Is he right -- am I to blame? My friends and family say he's wrong and using me as an excuse for his infidelity.
Who's to blame?
Tough call, jurors? What do you say?

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