Mention the phrase "first love" and most people get a faraway look in their eyes. They think of the one that got away, what might have been ... and they're filled with bittersweet memories that can take their breath away.

But when the past tries to elbow in on the present, what's a couple to do?

That's the quandary this week's case poses.

Dear Morning Bull Pen:

I have been in a committed relationship for the last year. But I was recently at the mall and ran into my first love. He has totally changed for the better and become a successful man in life.

We exchanged numbers and went to lunch two weeks ago. That lunch then led to a happy hour and another lunch. We are enjoying our time together as platonic friends. I have yet to tell my current boyfriend that I have reconnected with my old boyfriend, and'm starting to to feel guilty -- like I'm cheating.

Meantime, though nothing physical has happened, my old flame is urging me to break it off with my current boyfriend and give him another try. But I feel too guilty, and I'm still pretty sure my current boyfriend is THE one.

Who's right? Am I cheating? Is what I'm doing wrong? Should I tell my current boyfriend, or is my old ex right?

I'm confused!


The heart wants what it wants, they say. But what about in this case?

Bull Pen jurors?


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