It's one of the most painful moments a parent has to endure -- comforting a child who's just been bullied for the first time.

Whether you're a mom or a dad, you ache for your youngster. And then, you're apt to use it as a teaching moment.

But to teach what? How to make peace with your playmates? Or perhaps some basic fighting techniques?

That's where this week's Couples Court litigants are ...

Dear Rik and Michele:
My son is 3 years old. A 4-year-old hit him at the park last weekend. He got scared, cried and ran to me. It was the first time he was bullied.
My husband and I are pondering how to handle future bullying situations. Do we teach him to fight back or not? We can't have him getting bullied. He needs to defend himself. My husband doesn't want him fighting back. He wants him to run for help.
We disagree on what to do. Can you and your listeners help?

Take your best shot, Bull Pen jurors!