Anybody who's had to re-enter the dating world knows how confusing and overwhelming it can be. One minute you're cocooned on the couch with your spouse, the next you're single and trying to figure out what to wear on a date.

It's amazing how different it all is from how you remember it. It seems more complicated -- and now there are new rules you've never even heard of.

At least that's what this week's Couples Court plaintiff is finding out. So she's throwing herself on the mercy of the court ...

Dear Morning Bull Pen:

I divorced my ex-husband in March and now think I'm ready to date. I joined and Plenty of Fish three weeks ago and have my first date on Friday.

Then on Monday, the girls and I got into a silly argument at lunch. Some co-workers said during my dinner date this Friday that I should not eat all of the food on my plate. Half of the women in the office agreed with the statement while the other half did not. Some co-workers said eating an entire plate of food in front of a guy on a first date is unattractive and sends the wrong message.

I've been out of the dating game for so long I don't know who to believe. Is that true? Can you ask your listeners what they think?


Seem like a lot to digest? What do you say, Bull Pen jurors?

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