Couples Court No. 082015:

Here's what we are dealing with, people. I’ve been on a few dates with a girl I really like. In the last three weeks we’ve been on seven dates in fact. She told me she likes me, but she’s adamant about not being exclusive. Her birthday’s in a couple days, and I don’t know if I should get her anything since she’s adamant about not being exclusive. I would love to be exclusive and I was wondering if I gave her an awesome gift maybe that would make her realize we should be exclusive. What should I get her, if anything, for her birthday?


Look, bud, I want to be as real as possible here. A gift is not going to suddenly change her heart/mind and cause her to be exclusive. There is no maybe in relationships. Turn her loose, there are plenty of fish in the sea that want to be exclusive. Especially after seven dates. Just my two cents.