We're guessing this week's Couples Court case will resonate with a lot of you guys. It's the old she-says-one-thing-but-means-another quandary.

Here's the file ...


Dear Rik and Michele:

My girlfriend is driving me crazy and I don't know what to do.

The main problem is that isn't honest with me. Not that she's lying or cheating or anything, but on little things.

Like when I ask her if she's OK with my guy friends coming over to watch the Seahawks game. She always says yes, that's fine, do what you want, etc. But I KNOW she doesn't mean it. If try to press her, though, she gets mad: "I TOLD you it was OK -- what else do you want me to say?"


I don't want to make her mad, but I like having my friends come over. Should I just take her at her word, or just figure I don't have a social life anymore? Help!


Tough one! But with Thursday Night Football coming up tonight and a full slate of games this weekend, this couple needs some legal relief. What do you say, Bull Pen jurors?