It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I am a major fan of all things Disney and animated cartoon movies with good storylines. So as you can imagine, I signed up for Disney+ MONTHS AGO! Well, on Tuesday ... Tuesday was my day. The long-anticipated release was finally here!

I saw so many posts about people being home and watching their favorite films here and there, but I bet you did not have a binge-watch party for over 12 hours! Now I'm not saying that I am proud that I was able to sit for this long and just stare at the screen -- but boy oh boy, was it AMAZING!

We started the morning out by watching "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and moved on to "Mickey and the Roadster Roosters," followed by "Cars." That was when my fiance Jordan came home. I had to make sure I didn't watch any movie he wanted to watch while he was at work, so we stuck to the little kid stuff for my 2-year-old, Easton.

Then, we watched "Pocahontas," which I haven't seen in years. And I gotta say it's a beautiful love story, but I was not happy with the ending! Why does John Smith leave and why do they think he will survive the months at sea? I have so many questions!

We followed that up with "The Littler Mermaid," and after that it was time for Easton's nap. While he slumbered we watched a hiking documentary on the Grand Canyon (which was amazing and I totally recommend it). Once Easton was up we watched "Cinderella" and we had a nice nightcap with "Frozen." And yes, as you can imagine -- I danced and sang my heart out the whole time!

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