Oh yes, we are barely a month out from the Central Washington State Fair, and that means we need to start saving calories and doing a couple of extra squats for the amount of fried food and foods on a stick that we will be indulging in!

So what deep-fried foods are you looking forward to tasting? A new survey says that 47% of people would totally try deep-fried bacon, while I, on the other hand, feel like that is a heart attack waiting to happen! Forty-six percent of people would try deep-fried ice cream and 45% of people would try a deep-fried apple pie. Now this is something I could totally get behind!

But we can't forget the food on a stick! I personally look forward to the corn dogs every year. It's no surprise that corn dogs came in at No. 1 on a survey of Americans most loved foods on a stick! Followed by popsicles and meat kabobs!

The classic funnel cakes, Hawaiian barbecue, pizza, elephant ears and the Young Life barbecue booth will all be in full swing this year and I cannot wait to work out the number of calories I will without a doubt be eating!

What food are you most looking forward to this year?


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