Here we are, on a Friday evening. After a long day at work, thirteen and a half hours to be precise, and I'm wondering what to do with my time. Ever since we turned my wife's She-Shed into a Pub, it's pretty inviting to just chill out here. Yet, I think about using the time for something a little more productive. I know, I'll go thru some pictures which we've archived from previous website posts - dating back - in some cases - years.

Yes, a good purge is always an ideal thing to do, and yet, as I glance through pictures, I'm wondering, could we - would we - still have a need for any of them? So, since I'm sure many people have a backlog of pictures on their phones, laptops, and tablets - I'm going to select one category, and then select pictures from that category and share them here. Then, we'll decide together, whether or not there's an actual valid reason for keeping them. Then, I hope, you will be inspired to follow suit.

The category is Cookie. Yes, cookie. Not only am I a big fan of all things cookie but I've come to discover we have an overabundance of cookie-related photos in our archives and I have no idea why.

Ok, this picture is of my friend and colleague, JimShow. I have a very clear recollection of why we took this photo in the first place. It was early on in the whole quarantine phase and we were frankly jonesing for Girl Scout Cookies. We mentioned on the air that we'd be willing to pay top dollar for some and straight away, someone called and arranged to meet us outside at the radio station and deliver the goods. This picture captures JimShow in a fiendish moment, which preceded him running inside and locking himself down until they were all consumed.

This one appeared in a previous article and is a video containing a recipe for slow-cooker cookies. I'm fascinated and I plan to make some this weekend.

Credit: TSM Boise / Zizly

Did your Mom ever make these? Peanut Butter Cookies. The pattern on the top was made by smooshing-down the tops with a fork.

Townsquare media

So, when my wife was pregnant with our daughter, Emily, she was overcome by a craving for fortune cookies. No, I mean OVERCOME. She carried with her, at all times, an entire CASE of fortune cookies in the trunk of her car. She had a 'connection' at a local Asian restaurant and she must have eaten thousands of those things. Not sure if any of the fortunes came true, but odds are, at least a few of them did.

Screenshot via Facebook

Bacon-wrapped Oreos. Don't need the picture or the cookie. But I want to try it.

Not sure if this exercise has helped me or you whatsoever, but I think it's fair to say that in general, we may tend to hold onto things longer than we really need to and a regular 'letting go' of things might be in our best interest. Although, I did repurpose all of these.


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