My family and I had the pleasure of enjoying our first summer in our new home, and we all decided to grow vegetables. Sounds like a simple plan right? WRONG -- well sorta. Some of it was simple.

Actually, what I thought would be the hardest part was trying to decide what to plant. And let me tell you spent probably 45 minutes in the seed aisle at Home Depot trying to decide what to plant. We really wanted to make sure that what we were getting we were planting in the right season, and we would have enough time to grow said veggie.

So we all chose our own veggies and decided what we wanted. I personally picked out spaghetti squash because I freaking LOVE it and I thought, well, how hard can it be? Justin, our oldest son, chose carrots. Why, I have any idea, but that is what he wanted. Jordan, my wonderful fiance, chose strawberries, 'cause he loves them. So that made sense.

Moving through the summertime, my spaghetti squash TOOK off. I mean just overran the space I had arranged for them. It was really the MVP of our garden. But what about the fails ...?

I don't even have photos of Jordan's strawberries because they literally did not grow. We got nada -- nothing. It was the worst fail of the garden. If it weren't for my memory, I wouldn't even have known where I planted them. That's how nonexistent these bad boys were.

Coming in second place for fails of the garden was Justin's carrots (see photos). Now, my sweet boy, he waited ALL summer for these carrots to be ready and they just never were. We would pull one up and it would be just this little nub of a carrot, so we just left them and figured we would deal with the little carrots in the fall.

So, yesterday I am doing yard work and getting the garden ready for winter and I start tilling up the garden and I find all of these little baby carrot-type carrots, aka regular carrots who just didn't grow.

What were your gardening fails this year?!

Townsquare Media/ Cheyenne
Townsquare Media/ Cheyenne