Uber Eats is something we have grown accustomed to around this office. It's a great way to get a variety of food without interrupting our work to run and grab something to eat. Today, though, our delivery was a little different ...

It started out normally. We got our notifications all the way through the process and watched as our driver drove our lunch to us. So what was different, you ask?

Well... this.

Townsquare Media/ cheyenne
Townsquare Media/ cheyenne

As the driver handed me the order creating wonderful small talk she handed me this cute little goodie bag! I was instantly in awe because I've never had a driver do this. Not only was Kendra personable, and prompt, but she left a piece of her heart with us (cheesy, I know, but I really feel this way!). And can we also talk about her great handwriting!

So as Gunner and I were admiring this little gift, we realized that Kendra purchased and made these with her own money. OK, now I was incredibly impressed because it's not like Uber Eats sent her money for this and said "make these and hand these out." It also got me wondering how well Uber Eats drivers do in Yakima in one month.

I would love it if you could weigh in! Take the poll and let us know!

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