Someone looked at a bunch of fast food places and chain restaurants, and what year they opened. So you can see which restaurant was born the same year you were.

I was born January 3rd 1981... and so was Quiznos! Boring. If I was born a few days earlier, it would have been APPLEBEE'S! lol. Check it out below. Full list here.

1940, Dairy Queen
1941, Carl's Jr
1952, KFC
1954, Burger King
1962, Taco Bell
1964, Arby's
1965, Subway
1969, Wendy's
1971, Starbucks
1975, Chili's
1980, Applebee's
1981, Quiznos
1982, Olive Garden
1983, Panda Express
1984, Papa John's
1985, Cinnabon
1986, Five Guys
1988, Auntie Anne's
1993, Chipotle

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