As women, it's no secret we have a lot of clothes. Therefore, when we travel we bring lots of options. We have to have options! Well, one mom who booked an all-inclusive vacation was NOT having it when it came to the fee for the extra weight in her suitcase!

A mother of five had booked an all-inclusive vacation and packed accordingly, but when she got to the gate her carry-on was overweight. So what did she do, you ask? Pay the fee you, might guess?

Nope! Instead of paying the roughly $85 fee for being overweight she unpacked her suitcase and put a week's worth of clothing on her body! Which included a couple of skirts, shorts, a sweater and two pairs of shoes (still trying to figure this one out). It worked, though, they allowed her to board the plane and luckily the flight attendants had her remove all extra clothing items and put them away.

Fortunately, her situation caught the ear of the airlines head corporate guys, and they have upped their weight policy for carry-on bags!

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