The other night I was awake tossing and turning, so I decided to get up and head downstairs for some water.

When I walked into the kitchen my son had the big tub of Crisco in his hands. I asked him what he was doing.

He got that shitty little grin and said that he was eating it!

I just stared at him in shock! Really? Of all the things to eat out of a pantry full of food he picked Crisco!

He laughed and said that he takes a finger swipe every now and then.

My other kids will take finger swipes of butter, frosting and mayo when I have them out because I'm cooking with them, but they don't actually pull them out of the pantry to eat!

I think my son might get his love of Crisco from me. As a child I remember my grandma cooking, and if she had the Crisco out I would take a finger swipe and she would swat at my hand. It became a fun game between us.

What weird food have you caught someone eating out of the container?