We just got back from California on Monday. While there we had to stop by one of the definitive California businesses – In & Out Burger. I mean, when in Rome, right?

For those who have never tasted a rich tasty In & Out Burger, you are missing out on a great burger. Five Guys Burgers in California are the rival of In & Out. We have one here in Yakima and have enjoyed it. I love me a burger.

Long have there been rumors of In & Out coming to Yakima. It’s a California based company which boasts nothing frozen. All fresh ingredients. That means no freezers. Shipping fresh food has it limits. Most chains do it frozen. In & Out will not as it will compromise their product. So, part of In & Out’s infrastructure means building distribution centers in areas to assure sure fresh food can make it to their stores.

As the chain has expanded, it has opened several distribution centers including Phoenix, Utah; Dallas, and Colorado Springs, with future expansion centers planned as they continue to grow. The Nearest In & Out is a four hour drive (and well worth the drive) in Keizer just north of Salem. So that gives hope that In & Out is in our future in Yakima.

As a burger aficionado, how does In & Out rate against Five Guys? In Cali, it’s close with In & Out often edging out Five Guys in annual polls. How does it rate against Bullseye Burger in Yakima?

Well, In & Out has what Yakimans would call “Fry Sauce” on it. That’s a bonus. Although Bullseye’s flavor is really good, it’s hard to compete with In & Out’s burger perfection.


All My Best,

The JimShow

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