My little Shaylee turned 7 over the weekend. She wanted a birthday party with her school friends and instead of them bringing her birthday gifts she wanted them to bring cat food, dog food, or cat litter for the animals at the Central Washington Humane Society.

She got the idea from the Disney Channel. She heard them say something about don't forget to help our 4 legged friends. She asked me if I would buy a bunch of cat and dog food to take to the Humane Society. I told her that we could buy some food, but not a lot. Then, the idea popped into my head to have her friends bring food instead of gifts for her birthday. I asked her if she would be okay with her friends not getting her gifts and instead bring food for the Humane Society. She loved the idea!

The Central Washington Humane Society holds a special place in her heart because that's where we adopted her kitty "Marshmallow" from.

She collected 16 bags of cat food, dog food and cat litter from her friends! I am so very proud of her!

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