The year isn't even a quarter of the way over, but for most of us, our New Year's resolution to get in shape is a distant memory.

A company called British Military Fitness did a survey over there, but we're pretty sure it's just as true in the States.  It found that 59% of men and 15% of women didn't even make it to February with their resolution to work out.

Of the people who joined gyms in January to give them an incentive to get fit, 37% had already cancelled their membership by mid-March.

And even the people who still go regularly aren't showing much commitment.  Four out of five people say that they want to call it quits on their workout after about 20 minutes of exercise.

My New Years resolution was to eventually get into the gym and start working out in 2012...  For me, it's tough to get motivated to go work out when I know the Gym's are sooo packed!  Well, looks like I don't have the excuse any more, lol.  My New Years resolution starts right now!  Wish me luck.

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