Being sick is a strange, strange thing. Now I am not talking about a cough and cold ... no, I am talking about the FLU. Yes, that three-letter word all parents dread come school time, because once one person gets it, WE ALL GET IT! As is the current situation in our house.

Now, conveniently, Gunner and I were talking about Duke University last week and how they are paying people $3,300 to get the flu on purpose so their symptoms can be studied. Gunner said heck no, he wouldn't. But I -- I said yes, I totally would because let's be honest, $3,300 is a good chunk of change. Less then a week later, I got the flu. I will say in the flu's defense this was not the worst flu I have ever had. It was rather mild, but still being sick sucks.

Unless you are a part of the 29% of people who actually like being sick. Why, you may ask? Well, according to a survey it's because of things like getting to lay around all day, catching up on sleep, binge-watching shows and having some me time -- and of course not going to work. While I totally get all of those, here is the thing: I can only lay around for so long before I feel like I am losing my mind and HATE missing work. It just means that I have more work to do the following day and I know that the work I am not doing is just sitting there not getting done.

On top of that, when I am so sick that I can't go to work, chances are my house is a mess and it's just sitting there staring at me, waiting to be cleaned. So there is no peace. Not when the laundry needs washing, dishes need to be done and the floor needs vacuuming ...

So for me, no, it is totally not worth it -- I mean unless I was getting paid $3,300 to be sick, which I wasn't. Now, please excuse me while I catch up on all the work I missed yesterday.

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