We now know that Washington is a pretty safe state when it comes to online dating, but after you're done with the courting processes and ready to take things to the next level, are we living in a kinky state?

Are you afraid to ask the question, or will you need a "safe word?"

Some people have a wild side, and sometimes, it's great to let that "freak flag fly" when you're with someone you're comfortable with.

Whether you take your kinky-ness to the extremes of a red room of pain like the one from the books and movies of 50 Shades of Grey, the rough stuff of SLIVER, or the 365 Days film, if everyone is consenting and safe, I say have a blast with your kink!

How does Washington state rank to all the others when it comes to being kinky?

BedBible.com (a NSFW website) ranked which states are the kinkiest, and don't worry, UK's The Daily Mail helped translate the story so you can get the juicy details, even if you're on your work computer!

How did they figure it out?

Well, nothing on the web is ever safe, including your searches of sex toys. Numbers were compiled and whipped in shape, and now we have answers!



Out of the top 10, I was surprised that Georgia is the kinkiest. I would have thought that Nevada would have claimed the top spot; after all, the original sin city that doesn't sleep is located there. But no, Nevada came in at a respectable #2.


Washington's kink might not be as high as it is with online dating, but it's right up there.

Out of all 50 states in the US, Washington came in at #7.

Pink Map of the United States
Daily Mail UK


For more details on this story, check out DailyMail.co.uk.

Do you agree with Washington's rankings? What's your kink? Tap the App and let us know (don't worry, it'll be our dirty little secret).


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