Wondering what Valentine’s Day gifts will make your kid (or the big kid in your life) happy this year? If you live in Washington state, you may have been doing some online searching for the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas. 

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We found the 5 top searches on Google Trends and we couldn’t tell if they were searches for children or adults. It’s likely a blend of both, but either way, you probably won’t go wrong with these gifts no matter the age.

5 Most Popular Valentine’s Day 2023 Gift Ideas in WA

1 . Valentine’s Squishmallows

Target and Amazon are racking up with people buying Valentine’s Squishmallows this holiday season. Primarily targeted to children, adults are falling in love with these cute things, too.

Check out CAPARINNE THE BIGFOOT Valentine Squishmallow?

Caparinne The Bigfoot Valentine Squishmallow
The Squishmallow Store via


How about the YOU’RE JAWSOME Valentine Squishmallow?

You're Jawsome Valentine Squad Squishmallow
The Squishmallow Store via


2 . Flowers + Candy

If you want to go all out with the flowers for Valentine’s Day, your local florist shop is the best bet. The Valentine’s Day flowers will be delivered with care and you help support a local business. If your loved one prefers plants over flowers and ordering locally is not an option for you, go for an online store that ships nationwide like The Plant Project

Pothos N Joy Tub


Pothos N Joy Tub from The Plant Project


Swiss Cheese

Swiss Cheese Plant from The Plant Project


3 . Nike Valentine’s Day Shoes

Nike Air Force 1 Low

Nike Air Force 1 Low Valentines Day Sneakers


Nike Air Heart Sneakers

Nike Air Heart Sneakers


4 . Minecraft Valentines

We found this collection of Minecraft Valentine’s Day stuff that someone may really love to receive as a gift this year. 

Minecraft Greeting Cards

Minecraft Overworld Greeting Cards


Minecraft Coffee Mug

Minecraft Tame Wolf Heart Mug


5 . Hello Kitty Valentines

For the Sanrio lover, check out the Hello Kitty Heart Box with Chocolates and Plush from Macy’s.

Hello Kitty Chocolates with Plush at Macys

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