Billy Currington’s love for small-town life is on full display in his new song, "City Don’t."

Scooter Carusoe, Joshua Miller and Chris LaCorte penned "City Don't," and the buoyant summertime track proudly shares why living in a small town beats staying in a city. Whether it’s the sprawling land, laid-back activities, tightly-knit community or no-frills date spots, it’s clear that the country lifestyle trumps everything else.

“City don't let ya walk a field with your fingertips runnin' across the top of waist high hay / It don't have a quarter mile of red lights where everybody waves at your Chevrolet / The city don't grow the kind of girls that rather river bank, drink beer, and dance in the mud / I ain't sayin' that high-rise life is wrong, but right here is what I love,” Currington professes in the opening verse.

“They got five stars, we got millions / They got nice bars, we got sippin' straight out of a can / On somebody's land with a homegrown girl / And a God-made tan singin', "Goodbye Earl" / Got everything I need, everything I could want / 'Cause the country does something for me the city don't,” the Georgia native adds with unwavering certainty in the vivid chorus.

“City Don’t” is Currington’s first new release of 2023. Prior to this, he dropped the romantic "I Still Love With You" with Jessie James Decker and his latest album, Intuition, in 2022 and 2021, respectively.

To see Currington on tour this summer, visit his website.

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